Practical Test

How long does it last?

The Practical Test routes are designed to take between 38 to 45 minutes when driven properly. The exact amount of time you take can depend on traffic.

What do I need to bring to my Practical Driving Test?

You need to bring your provisional, photo card driving licence, your letter proving that you have passed the theory exam, and a car. If you have been doing lessons with a driving instructor, you can book the instructor for the exam, and use their car.

It is also advisable to dress appropriately. The examiners want to pass students who are safe, responsible and in control. If you drive safely you will pass whatever you wear, but appropriate clothes help to create the right impression and atmosphere for both the student and the examiner.

What happens in the Practical Driving Test?

Your documents will be checked.

Your eye sight will be checked by asking you to read a car registration plate 20 metres away.

You will be asked two ‘Show me Tell me’ questions one ‘Tell me’ at the start of the Test. One ‘Show me’ during the Test whilst you are Driving whilst driving the car:

Click here for Show me Tell me

You will be asked to do one of the four manoeuvres: –

  1. Driving Forward into a Car Parking Bay and Reversing back out.
  2. Reverse Park (otherwise known as a ‘Parallel Park’)
  3. Pulling up on the Right side of the road, and reversing in a straight line.
  4. Reversing into a Car Parking Space (otherwise known as a ‘Bay Park’)

You also have a one in three chance of being asked to do the ‘Emergency Stop’ as well.

You will have an independent driving section where for 20 minutes you will be asked to follow a Sat Nav (provided by your examiner) or sign posts (e.g. the examiner will state ‘follow the signs to Basingstoke’), or a mixture of both.

Where do I book my Driving Test?

You can book your driving test here: